Newly Released... For The Baseball Enthusiast!

Handmade and detailed to appeal to baseball players, coaches, fans, and family alike. This bolt-action style pen captures the true essence of the sport of baseball. The top of the pen is sculpted to honor the grand architecture of a professional baseball stadium with the infield visible inside the stadium. Cast in intricate detail, the upper assembly has the batter awaiting his pitch with the pen clip cast as the bat in his hands. The bolt-action mechanism replicates the arc of a pitcher's curveball approaching the batter, and smoothly advances and retracts the ink cartridge. The bottom end nib has a baseball cast into it and completes the elements of this great sport. The glass-like acrylic is mixed, poured, cast, turned, and highly polished all by hand. (orange, white and blue colors depict the Detroit Tigers... although it may be other team colors as well).


Custom Orders:  Contact Me, prior to purchase, to get the acrylic custom mixed in your school colors or the colors of your favorite team.
The perfect gift for graduations, elite sports fans, or that special someone.  It also comes in a black felt drawstring pouch, great for gift giving or just protecting your collection.


Hardwood Maple gift box available... (sold seperately).

Custom Engraving Available... Personalize it and make it a treasured keepsake for any occasion...Contact Us.

Bonus Upgrade: 'Zero Gravity' Pressurized Ink Cartridge Included!

The included black ink cartridge is a Schmidt MegaLine P950M, Pressurized Parker Style Medium Ballpoint, able to write at any angle and in extreme hot and cold conditions.  This top-of-the-line cartridge uses a special thixotropic ink paste with a nearly unlimited shelf life, and is measured by the EWIMA, (European Writing Instrument Manufacturer's Association), to write up to 8000 meters.  (That's about 5 miles).

(NOTE: Red ink choices are currently only standard parker style - NOT 'zero gravity').


Special custom orders are available upon request.  Please use the Contact Us Page with any questions or custom request details.  Confirmed special orders are usually available within 2 weeks or less.

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Baseball Bolt-Action Pen

    • Handmade Acrylic Pen
    • Bolt-Action Mechanism
    • Antique Pewter Finish
    • Medium Ballpoint
    • Black, Blue, or Red ink color - options available
    • Maple Gift Box - sold seperately

    Custom Orders Available.

    Free Shipping to Domestic US.

    Made In USA.

  • 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!


    Please read our FAQ's or Contact Us for more info.